MISSION: To provide beautifully crafted, contemporary fashion apparel with highly advanced performance technology solutions that enhance and simplify the demanding lives of active urban professionals world wide. Work. Wash. Wear. Repeat..

HOW: By bringing four decades of experience in fashion and sport/activewear under one roof, we have the ability to create advanced materials technology and modern contemporary design. Our strong vendor alliance allows us to work with the leaders in apparel innovation and global supply chain.

WHY: Through extensive R&D, and our ‘fly on the wall’ mentality, we understand the need for fashion that acts as a force multiplier in people's lives. Ortiz Industry is well positioned to lead in this fast growth, emerging category. While the contemporary business casual apparel market remains unchanged, we are ready to give consumers a much needed change- professional clothing with technical benefits, advanced innovation, and extremely easy to maintain.








We do style.

We do need.

We do character.

We do fashion.

Our products perform at a higher level than most technical apparel, but we're making sure that gone are the days when style and beauty had to be sacrificed for comfort and function.